By Carlotta Mohamed

ECLAT Haiti Inc. hosted a fundraising event on Sunday night at Hollywood Live, Florida, to raise money for their Water Project in Cotes-de-Fer.

We want to create a system where relationships can be built between farmers helping each other cultivate and sell crops, said Mackendy Talon, ECLAT’s president, who is also known as Haitian musician Mac D.One of ECLAT’s main focuses is enriching Haiti’s agriculture and helping make water accessible to those who need it the most.

“The main issue is the water issue,” said Talon. “We wanted to raise $25,000 to start the project, but not too many people came out last night.”

Talon said he doesn’t think they raised more than $5,000 from the fundraiser, which included free entertainment and food. He would like to eventually do an event in New York and Haiti as well, trying something different that will attract more people and raise money.

“ECLAT needs twelve to sixteen thousand dollars to start the project,” said Talon. “We are not discouraged though, we will just keep working.”

From planting trees to reignite cultivation for farmers or tapping into wells to provide fresh water for the populace, ECLAT is working to empower Haiti and its people. Visit www.eclathaiti.org to donate and learn more about the Water Project in Cotes-de-Fer.

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