Haitian-American pop star Jason Derulo will release his fourth album Everything Is 4 on June 2. The album will be available to stream online and features new single “Want To Want You.”

The singer collaborated with big name artists Stevie Wonder and country star Keith Urban on the track Broke. The song details the “classic problem” of the idea more money equals more problems.

“I never really got that meaning until it happened to me personally,” Derulo said. “The more you make, the more problems you have. It’s just so real. So many problems arise in my life because of where I am in my life. If I wasn’t where I am, a lot of things would be a lot different. So many things would be so different if I was just Jason from down the block.”

Derulo compares the album to a painting, where it’s necessary to look at the piece as a whole to see the true beauty.

“I have so many different dimensions as a person, as we all do,” he said during a radio interview. “This album is a package. It’s not about one tune. It’s about taking the whole entire masterpiece if you will.”

This is my greatest work so far, Derulo said.

“During the writing of this album I wanted to make sure that I was being true to myself and explaining the stories of my life and in turn I would be explaining the stories of other people’s lives,” he said. “You can find yourself in my stories because we go through very similar things.”

Derulo was born in Miami to Haitian parents and later moved to New York, where he studied music and drama.

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