Fanm Djanm Girls from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

By Tadia Toussaint

For many, fanm djamn are simply two words that translate from Haitian Kreyol meaning strong woman.  For fashion blogger Paola Mathé, it’s far more complex.

Mathé, creator of Fanm Djamn headwraps drew inspiration from her Haitian culture, celebrating women everywhere by sharing her handmade head wraps.

“I just want to show people, who are interested, the way I see colors in the world,” she recently wrote on her blog “I want to celebrate the beauty that we don’t often see represented.”

By redefining what it means to be a fanm djamn, Mathé is putting Haiti on the global map allowing women of all ethnicities to join in on the lifestyle and sisterhood.

“Wearing our headwrap means you’re wearing a lifestyle, not an accessory,” Mathé said. “The women behind the head wraps are the ones who deserve to be looked up to.”

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