By Tadia Toussaint

Most can agree that artist Jean Belony Murat better known by his stage name Belo is the future “Bob Marley” of Haiti.

Carrying his loyalty and pride of Haiti everywhere he goes, the music icon has been acknowledged on a global scale earning him the title as the Haitian Cultural Ambassador.

Belo is scheduled to be in Brooklyn this Saturday at BRIC Arts Media Center to serenade the listeners with his inspirational tunes of Jazz, rock, reggae and Afro-Haitian traditional rhythms.

This content has been translated from Haitian Kreyol to English.

Q: What pushed you to choose music as a career?
A: I was born in a place where music plays an important role. I didn’t choose music, music chose me. I didn’t go to school for music, but I’ve been inspired to serve my country and the planet with my talents.

Q: How do you think you became the cultural ambassador of Haiti?
A: Remember, I grew up in Haiti and I am aware of things that take place there. Most  people don’t have a microphone let alone a voice to say how they feel about the reality of how things are functioning there. The people of Haiti nominated me to represent them.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your song lyrics?
A: I was born in Haiti, grew up in Haiti, and currently live in Haiti so my lyrics are all about the reality of my country and a reflection of life there.

Q: How are you preparing for next week’s  event and how do you feel about being a part of it?

A: This is my third time participating in this project. I appreciate that it showcases the art of Haiti. It shows what the Haitian community is doing. I support this event because it demonstrates what our artists are doing to better our community. I support them to give the event a strong push.
Q: Any new projects that reflect the social issues that Haiti is currently dealing with?

A: This month makes it a year since I finished my last album. I usually come out with a new album every 3 years. For the moment, I do have a single I’m working on called “Kembe Tet Ou.” It’s a song that encourages the youth to go to school and to educate themselves. There are always going to be social problems and other problems that will be present but if we as a people don’t prepare ourselves and have a plan, we will always have a problem with no solution.

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