By Tadia Toussaint


Unemployment and famine are arguably two of the leading forces behind Haiti’s impoverished state, but who knew One Egg could be a solution?

“There are so many kids in Haiti going to school on an empty stomach and sometimes eventually dropping out,” said Marie-Alan Aladin, chapter director of the One Egg project in Haiti.

One Egg gives each child one boiled egg each morning providing the protein supplement to help prepare them for a day of instruction.

“When I was in school in the states, the free hot lunch was something I looked forward to.”

Inspired by the One Egg project of Rwanda, Aladin was determined to provide aid to the growing issue of famine in Haiti.

Haiti’s One Egg chapter partnered with social enterprise Chancel and the Rhode Island Conference of United Church’s Of Christ’s Haiti Task Force to hatch the project in November 2013.

Since their work began in 2013, an egg has been delivered each day to 500 children in seven childcare centers, including, orphanages and schools.

One Egg Haiti purchases eggs from Haiti Broilers, a local company that operates a poultry farm outside Port-au-Prince.

“I didn’t have to worry because I got a meal at school,” Haiti-native Marie-Alan said. “But these kids most times get nothing.”

The nutrition program serves 500 children, while hundreds are waiting to join. Everyone is encouraged to sponsor a child every month.

Aladin is looking to get donors to help create a private public partnership where the government can eventually help fund.


One Egg Haiti’s goal is to have for-profit poultry farms in different sectors of business create jobs for the locals and provide the eggs for the kids.

“Now when I go to Haiti, seeing the children’s weight change is always heart-warming,” she said. When registering the children for the One Egg program they notate the height and weight of the child.

“They went from sitting around when I first met them to running to greet me. I have seen a significant change in energy.”

“Being involved in One Egg Haiti is my way of giving back through creating compelling content and encouraging people to be more aware of this project and the difference it is making,” Aladin’s sister Maureen said.

Marie-Alan hired her sister TWELVE18 Media Founder Maureen Aladin to produce a PSA about One Egg Haiti. Her New York and Los Angeles based production company reached out to social media’s biggest personalities who were eager to lend their support to the cause by participating in the PSA.


“One Egg Haiti PSA was my first foray into the words I have now spoken into existence,” she said. “It sounds small but it is truly amazing how one person and one egg can make a difference.”

RocketHub’s founder Brian Meece who also appears in the PSA was particularly excited about the project, as his company recently partnered with A&E.

“It is amazing to see just how far this project has come,” Meece said. “The idea to do something started out from a seed of compassion, and is growing into an international helping hand that will create a better life for both the children and people of Haiti.”

During this Easter holiday, while many Christians feast for Sunday dinner, it is important to recall the symbol and purpose of this occasion- an egg. The egg has long been a symbol of new beginning, rebirth and fertility.

“One egg. A single egg.” As this phrase is repeatedly recited in the PSA, it resonates that “it can make a difference.”

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