By Vania Andre

Beginning March 29, Delta will no longer provide daily service from New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport to Port-au-Prince, the Atlanta-based carrier confirmed to Haitian Times on Friday. Saturday service will continue until April 25.

Although Delta remains committed to Haiti, due to a decreased demand, we’ve decided to reduce the number of flights going to Port-au-Prince, a Delta spokesman said.

New York travelers can connect to Port-au-Prince via Atlanta, which has daily service to Haiti.

With the arrival of Jetblue, their cancellation doesn’t affect me much, Todd Toussaint, who travels between Haiti and New York frequently, said.

With Jetblue, you arrive in Haiti much earlier in the day compared to Delta. I think that may have been a determining factor when people were choosing which airline to fly with.

For years American Airlines dominated the Haitian aviation industry with a virtual monopoly on flights from the U.S. to Haiti. Last year, Delta celebrated five years of flight service to Port-au-Prince, however recent competition from Jetblue, who announced daily service to Haiti in 2013, has had an impact on their sales.

The US-Haiti flight market has grown steadily in recent years, according to data from Capstats, with an increase of more than 40 percent since 2005.

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