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By Vania Andre

Popular Haitian singer Alan Cave was allegedly assaulted Saturday night by well-known HMI promoter and producer Carlito Corvil in Atlanta, Ga after a performance. According to reports, Cave received treatment for injuries he sustained at a local hospital.

“We as artists will not condone violence against one of our own,” Atis Tet Asanm (united artists), said in a statement released Sunday evening.  Atis Tet Asanm is an “informal association” of various personalities and players in the Haitian music industry (HMI).

“As a family of artists, we are taking a firm stand against this and other forms of violence,” the statement read, which was signed by several of the HMIs top performers including, Djakout #1, Barikad Crew, T-Vice, Kreyol La, Team Lobey, Carimi, Nu Look and Klass.

Since news of the assault broke, Cave supporters have taken to social media to express their support for the singer. An anti-violence campaign featuring an image with a black background, the words “Alan Cave,” and a light bulb, has taken root on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Richard Cave, band leader of Carimi and cousin of [Alan] Cave, urged his fans to share the image and profess their stance against violence against artists.

Richard Cave pic tweet

“I received texts from several musicians, including James from T-Vice, about the fight,” Richard said in an interview with Kompa magazine.  I was told he was hit bad and injured to a point that he shouldn’t have been.

Richard claims Cave was upset that Corvil had not given him his full payment as promised.

“I think Alan was upset to the point where he pushed Carlito” out of frustration, Richard said. “Carlito then punched Alan, causing him to fall.” Corvil’s son then began to kick Cave while he was on the ground.

When a musician works and you don’t pay him, that’s one of the worst things you could do, Richard said.

“It’s a habit of Carlito not to pay musicians.” Richard has pledged not to work with Corivil following a disagreement about nonpayment after a performance in 2014.

This behavior is unacceptable, especially when the artist is supposed to be under the care of the “so-called” promoter, for whom Alan was performing for on Saturday, Carimi posted on their Instragram.

“We will not tolerate behavior by promotors who make a living from our services,” the band said. “We hope Alan brings this to authorities and that justice is served.”

Cave was “very drunk,” a source close to the promoter told HaitianBeatz. He allegedly told Corvil “I hate playing for n***** like you” after Corvil refused to apologize to him.  That’s when Corvil struck Cave in the face.

Cave has filed a report with Atlanta police.

Doesn’t make sense for a musician to get on stage, perform, then get attacked, Richard said. “All musicians need to know what he did.”

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