By Melissa P. Bernier

Accessories are the new outfit.  With fashion in general resembling works of art more so than just mere functional clothing, accessories are following suit in a big way.  Jewelry, elaborate embellishments, head gear and neck wear are all taking center stage and are becoming just as important, if not more, than the outfit itself.

Here in the United States, scarves are viewed mostly as a weather-specific item of clothing.  Although scarves nowadays come in a variety of textures and lengths and can be worn year-round, the idea and implementation of an artistic scarf, made of fine materials such as silk or chiffon, is still very much a European custom – until now.

VèVèlle, a new Haitian-American fashion line founded by art enthusiast Albert Semerville, takes scarves to a new level – wearable works of art.  A different take on the traditional vèvè design found in Haitian art and culture, VèVèlle’s collection is inspired by the beauty and warmth of the Caribbean culture.

These works of art, with pieces entitled “Mermaid’s Dream,” Peacock’s Exuberance,” “Crossing the Gate,” and “Spirit of Love,” “embody a keen sense of style and impressive craftsmanship,” Semerville says.

Beautiful, vibrant and made of exquisite materials imported from Italy, VèVèlle’s scarves add charm, sophistication and creativity to any wardrobe.

Semerville, who was exposed to fashion at a very early age due to his parents’ dressmaking and tailoring abilities, has always dreamed of using fashion as a vehicle by which to showcase the hidden treasures of the Haitian and Caribbean culture.  Having spent most of his life fueled by his love for fashion and the performing arts, Semerville decided to make his dream a reality when he opened VèVèlle in 2013.

As for future plans, Semerville explains that scarves are just the beginning for VèVèlle.  In the near future, the company will introduce a beachwear line and hopes to broaden their repertoire soon thereafter.

For more information, visit VèVèlle’s website at or any of their social media, keyword: VeVelle Fashion.

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