Cordell Brown, Vice Chairman & Strategic Planning Officer of CAPRACARE/ Board member, Honoree- Dr. Andre Peck, Jean Pierre-Louis

Photo Credit: Fabiola Jean

By Fabiola Jean

In remembrance of the tragic earthquake that took place in Haiti in January 2010, CAPRACARE hosted their 5th annual “Show your love for Haiti: 2015″ fundraiser, which took place at the Galway PUB NYC in mid-January.

CAPRACARE, a Haiti-based organization, provides access to medical care, mental health and nutrition education services, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Their “comprehensive approach helps students, parents, and the community combat the wide range of physical, psycho-social and environmental needs that arise from difficult daily living conditions in Haiti.”

The night opened with the master of ceremonies, Cordell Brown, reading names from the over 200,000 people whose lives were lost in the earthquake.  Brown is also the vice chairman and strategic planning officer for CAPRACARE. The victims’ names were displayed in a slideshow during a moment of silence. Executive Director and Founder Jean Pierre-Louis, MPH then followed with opening remarks and words of reflection.

Although there are multiple NGOs in Haiti, CAPRACARE is one of the few Haitian organizations that has a full staff of workers living in the country, as opposed to “to setting up camp for a few months and leaving soon after,” Pierre-Louis said. Other NGOs and consultants have not contributed more than half of the money raised in Haiti. Since our administrators reside in Haiti, all money raised goes straight to the needs of the community.

Awards were given to honorees for their efforts and contributions toward the growth of CAPRACARE. Honorees included, Dr. Andre Peck, Dr. Jean Grassman, Myrtho Gardiner, and Jay L.A. Bastien. The night also included special performances and a silent auction.

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