The largest open-air marketplace in Haiti will open in Fond Parisien on Dec. 9, marketplace organizers announced. Gwo Mache Mirak (Grand Miracle Market) will feature fresh produce and poultry, as well as dry goods, clothing, household items, cosmetics and electronics for sale.

“Gwo Mache Mirak will greatly strengthen local businesses, serving to grow the local economy,” said Love a Child Inc., a nonprofit that facilitate sustainability initiatives in Haiti. The Florida-based nonprofit sponsored the marketplace’s construction. Nearly 2,400 jobs are expected to be created through the marketplace.

Situated on approximately 20 acres, the marketplace is 30 miles east of Port-au-Prince, along the main road between Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It features 10-pavilion-style buildings, a playground for children, seven restaurants, a bank, pharmacy, and more. Nearly 850 vendors will be represented at this one-of-a-kind market.

“We hope the marketplace will bring in a new era of sustainable economic development through meaningful jobs and accessible products.”

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