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Haitian cuisine chef, Nadege Fleurimond, released her culinary travel journal / cookbook HAITI UNCOVERED: A Regional Adventure into the Art of Haitian Cuisine on Nov. 18. The culinary coffee table book includes a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Edwidge Dandicat.

HAITI UNCOVERED delves into the art of Haitian Cuisine and brings into focus the beauty of Haiti through its diverse culinary traditions, while offering Haitians and non-Haitians an opportunity to explore and learn the country’s rich history. The beautifully bound and illustrated, hard cover book features the dishes, recipes and cooking traditions, from all 10 of Haiti’s geographical departments.

“Haiti Uncovered: A Regional Adventure into the Art of Haitian Cuisine is a book that will present an accurate depiction of Haiti’s culinary art,” Fleurimond said. “Beyond the food, the book will present the reader with a very realistic view of Haitian culture and society through pictures and historical information.”

Fleurimond traveled through multiple cities in Haiti such as Port-Au-Prince, Jacmel , Gonaives, and Cap Haitien to absorb and discover the nuances that are inherent in the rich and diverse culture of Haiti. Fleurimond showcased the diversity of Haitian cuisine through her journey to the various provinces of her own country and to find a bit of you through her culinary journey.

“This is not just a recipe book, but rather a look at Haitian culture through a food inspired lens,” she said. “In essence, this is your chance to rediscover Haiti and to present her in a different light.”

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