By Dr. R. Kenny Leblanc
Dr. R. Kenny Leblanc is a communication and governance professor in the South Florida area. She has a fundamental interest in strategy, leadership formation, training, and succession planning.

The head of Haiti’s political parties do not like people questioning what they’ve done for the country.
The issue is not whether they have a plan, but more a matter of questioning what active steps they may or may not be taking to work toward putting the plan in motion. That is a direct question that requires a direct response.
One of the many issues that I, and others have against the political parties is their weakness. They don’t try to strengthen themselves through action. Many of their political stances have not resulted in advances on any fronts. There haven’t been substantial results from their decisions.

Have they improved the lives of their associates, followers and the society as a whole? In fact, have they even tried?
The answers, lie somewhere on the outside of their reality because they seem to think that you need money, or be in a position of power to make a difference, or put forth any programs.

Maybe, but they can assess a situation and suggest alternatives that can be done while they are outside of the circle of power. Some of the frustration with a lot of the Haitian Diaspora is that you hear the same rhetoric from everyone in the political parties without any suggestions on practical solutions on what needs to be done.

As a member of the society that wants to lead, what did you suggest and try to put in place to fix these issues?
This is a sample of issues that can be attempted without being in power or need money to accomplish. One of the faults you hear from the political parties is that they will say that it is impossible without being in power.

The purpose is not to succeed, but to show that you can really lead, you have a workable plan and you are ready to be the alternative to the current government and its governance or lack thereof. Plus, having substantive results will allow the political parties to help change and direct the Haitian mentality on how to look at politicians and determine whom to vote for in the next or future elections.

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