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7 Haitian-American Political Power Players

By Fannie Rosario

These seven politicians, elected and appointed this year, are making their mark in communities across the country.



Jacques Jiha, Ph.D

Jacques Jiha was appointed Commissioner of New York City’s Department of Finance by Mayor Bill de Blasio on April 8, 2014. Jiha has more than 25 years of experience in public finance. In this role he’s tasked with ensuring the “city’s treasury, property tax assessments, audits and collections run efficiently, while simultaneously delivering fair, transparent and accountable processes for New Yorkers when they engage with the department to pay or contest a fine.”





Rodneyse Bichotte
A Democrat from Brooklyn, Rodneyse Bichotte is the first Haitian American from New York City elected to the Assembly. The Bichotte campaign released the announcement late Tuesday evening.

“Today, the voters of the 42nd Assembly District have placed their confidence in me to represent them in the New York State Assembly,” Bichotte said. “It is an honor that I accept with great humility and gratitude.”

Bichotte faced Republican candidate Matthew Williams and Conservative Party candidate Brian Kelly for the 42nd district, which is home to one of the largest Haitian communities in the U.S.


Mia Love
Republican Mia Love narrowly defeated her Democratic rival Doug Owens for an open Democratic seat in Utah, making her the first black Republican woman to be elected to the U.S. House, ABC News reports.Owens reportedly conceded the race to Love late Tuesday.

“Thank you for the trust you have placed in me,” Love said in a statement. “I will work every day to be deserving of it. Regardless of who you voted for today, I hope you know that I am going to Washington to represent everyone in the district and invite you to engage with me in finding real solutions to the challenges we face as a country.”


Karl Racine

The 51-year-old former White House lawyer and public defender, is the first elected district attorney for Washington D.C.. Racine, a Democrat, was also the first black managing partner at top corporate law firm, Venable LLP.

This is the first time residents of Washington were able to choose their attorney general. In the past, the city’s mayors have made the choice. Now an elected position, Racine has unprecedented power to challenge the city’s leaders.



Kimberly Jean-Pierre

Suffolk Democrats have named Kimberly Jean-Pierre, director of Babylon Town’s Wyandanch Community Resource Center, as their Assembly candidate to succeed 26-year Albany veteran Robert Sweeney. Jean-Pierre, 30, of Wheatley Heights, is a first-time candidate for elected office but worked as an aide to Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) and Suffolk Legis. DuWayne Gregory (D-Amityville) before he became presiding officer. Her late entry into the race came after Richard Schaffer, Babylon supervisor and Suffolk Democratic chairman, tried unsuccessfully to enlist Gregory and former County Executive Patrick Halpin and to persuade Sweeney to put off retirement.




Michealle C. Solages

Michaelle C. Solages, 29, a Democrat from Elmont, has emerged as a talented political leader in her first term. Elected in 2012 from a newly redrawn district on the Nassau border, Solages immediately got to work on constituent needs: holding forums to help people facing foreclosure, winning a grant for school science education, extending child care subsidies for parents who work nights, and securing funds for safety fixes along Hempstead Turnpike and Sunrise Highway.



Rosemonde Pierre Louis

The former Manhattan Deputy Borough president was appointed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence (OCDV) in January 2014.

In 2010 following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Ms. Pierre-Louis was appointed by then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to serve on the five-member delegation representing the United States at the United Nations Haiti Donor Pre-Conference in Martinique, West Indies (2010). Ms. Pierre-Louis has been a leading voice, advocate and mobilizing force on issues impacting the Haitian community.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
November 6, 2014

22 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “7 Haitian-American Political Power Players”

  1. N. Lamour says:

    Glad to hear Mr. Guillaume’s congratulating Haitian-American elected officials. Now what we need is a collective voice, advocacy for Haitians in diaspora, in this case the United States. What we have witnessed over the years are individual achievements. We need more communities like Florida where Haitian professionals are involved and engaged to build up the community. The consulates could be like the late New York consulate in the 1990’s whose name I forget.

    For the past 20 years I have been writing about the lack of voice for Haitians in Haitian forums up to 43,000 members. In Creole we say, yo fe Ayisyen nenpot bagay paske yo konnen pesonn pap di anyen. ( They do anything to Haitians because they know, no one will say anything.)

    Please Mr. Guillaume, help the Haitian communities develop a voice which will improve our image.

    I am on Facebook and forums writing all day because in many smaller cities with close to 5,000 to 10,000 Haitians people would be amazed to hear about Haitian elected officials. We have to make sure that our local elected officials here our concerns. No one is doing that in the smaller urban areas. Like many Blacks, Haitians don’t seem to exist in many regions in New England. MHAVE, Please help us do something, specially in New England states to keep that excited, beautiful perception going.

    • Anna says:

      What a dreamer! Please MHAVE… That’s a definite LOL moment… 🙁

    • I was in the Haitian Times over a decade ago and after working all of these years in communities I have not found one single Haitian in the Diaspora willing to help all of those poor Haitians who have never even finished high school. I was at an OAS forum with the White House after the earthquake and I was told that 70 percent of Haitians were expected to dropout of school in Florida. Haitians lost a great opportunity all of these years. I would be happy to work closely with a Haitian or Haitians who want to help everyone and not just the best or best educated. I have visited the Haitian Embassy in Santo Domingo fighting to help Haitians and I am still nowhere. I have been on the bridge at the Dajabon and I am the author of a story that should be made into a motion picture which highlights the struggle of Jews and Haitians to survive after the Massacre and after the Holocaust.

  2. Edmonde Piard. says:


  3. Patricia Beauvais says:

    Great list but you forgot to include Commissioner Jacques-Jiha.

    Commissioner Jacques Jiha, PhD. was appointed Commissioner of New York City’s Department of Finance by Mayor Bill de Blasio on April 8, 2014.

    • Haitian Times admin says:


      • Entre-Nous says:

        Also, in Orange County (Orlando, FL) we have Victoria Siplin who won the elections as a commissioner for District 6. She’s the first Haitian-American to be elected in Central Florida. She’s the elected commissioner for district 6 in Orange County. Born in the Bahamas from Haitian parents (St Louis du Nord).

        • Antonio Kersaint says:

          For the history, she’s the first Haitian American elected for Commissioner in Central Florida :but for all over Florida this is the first time.

  4. Marie Gerarda Lacroix says:

    I would like to congratulate all my six people for stepping out for these positions. You have a lot to do, we as community are counting on you. Keep up the good job,it just start.We will support you until the end. Bravo, Bravissimo.

  5. Shirley Juste says:

    Great article

  6. viviane saint-clair says:

    congratulations ladies and gentlemen. keep up the good work

  7. luc elie says:

    Linda Dorcena Fory state senator Boston, ma

  8. Gerald says:

    This list is also missing Patrick Gaspard, currently the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa and formerly Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs for the Obama administration.

  9. didi says:

    Congratulation for them.

  10. Marlene saby says:

    Congratulations guy’s good effort congrats again

  11. J.D Presley says:

    I need a similar and active group here
    in Ottawa. I need your advice

  12. Yves-Mary Fontin says:

    I am always proud to be Haitian. I hope these 7 brothers and sisters will inspire our community all around the wold. Yes, we can!!!

  13. Robert Laurent says:

    Congratulations to my 7 brothers & sisters and I hope you can teach the Haitians politician to help Haiti but not their ego. Keep your intregrity in place

  14. Sabine says:

    Congrats to all the winners

  15. Roland Louis says:

    Very inspiring. As a middle school teacher in a school of predominantly students from Haitian descents, I use such models to motivate and cultivate our young and upcoming generation. In spite of their disadvantages, they, too need to know that can achieve all of their realistic goals in life like those of our 7 political powers mentioned in the article.
    Congratulations to All of Our Emergent Leaders Across the Globe.

  16. Wadner Oge says:

    I am writing to ask that State Senator Linda Dorcena-Forry as the First Haitian-American, who has been elected to the
    Massachusetts General Assembly, be added to this prominent list.

    Her current seat in the Massachessetts State Senate had been historically held by Irish men from South Boston while majority in the district are minorties. She made history in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and she should be recognized for that.

    I am predecting that she will be our rising star in the Democratic Party at the national level.

    Please reached out to her to learn more about her amazing story at linda.dorcenaforry@mahouse.gov but mention that at the suggestion of Wadner Oge.

  17. Jean says:

    To the Admin: Thank you for posting such an informative article of our compatriots. As noted, there are a few missed personalities throughout the US that will complement this list. It would be great to have a complete listing of all Haitian Americans elected officials. Can you please re-post an updated list. May I suggest http://www.nhaeonfl.org/ as a good starting point as well as other sites.
    Good job!

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