(from left to right) PM Lamothe, President Martelly and Foreign Affairs minister Pierre Duly Brutus
(from left to right) PM Lamothe, President Martelly and Foreign Affairs minister Pierre Duly Brutus

By Joseph Guyler Delva 

NEW YORK, USA (HCNN) – Haitian President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe met with donors on Thursday to discuss the better coordination of aid and facilitation and release of funds at the “Haiti Parnters” session. Martelly proveided and overview of his administrations’s achievements, which include a vast construction initiative, with dozens of schools, vocational training centers, roads, bridges, viaducts, public buildings, social housing, and airports.

The Head of State announced major reforms initiated by the government, led by Prime minister Lamothe, to meet challenges and overcome the difficulties that remain in the country.

“Major challenges remain, however, my administration and the government, led by my dedicated, talented and tireless prime minister, undertook the necessary task of guiding the Republic of Haiti to a broad program of profound reforms of its institutions,”  Martelly said in his speech for the occasion.

The Martelly / Lamothe government said it was also committed to doing more to attract  direct investments, especially foreign, in the fields of energy and tourism. They are also hoping to enjoy the benefits of HELP and HOPE laws, which give duty-free access to the American market for textiles and other projects. According to the administration, this would generate more jobs for the country.

President Martelly said he counted on the solidarity of donors to help the country strengthen the capacity of its institutions to achieve the desired level of economic and social development.

 “It is in this context that my administration began a fierce fight against corruption, against tax evasion, and to strengthen the rule of law, for the provision of quality education for all children in the country, ” stated Martelly, explaining that 1.75 million children now go to school free of charge.

He assured that the democratic process in Haiti was irreversible, despite the perception of permanent crisis. He reassured the commitment of his administration, through the Lamothe government, to the rule of law and the pursuit of political dialogue with a view to easing minds.Martelly said he has made ​​all the concessions and adopted all the necessary measures, which depended on him, to advance the electoral process, but reminded that Haiti was only waiting for the approval of the amended electoral law, which is an attribution of parliament, for voting to take place.

Elections – to elect two-thirds of the 30-member Senate, the entire Lower House and all the local government entities – were planned for the end of the year, but the persistent refusal by a group of recalcitrant opposition senators to pass required legislation may further delay the holding of the ballot.

Martelly highlighted progress made in the relocation of the 1.5 million people left homeless by the 2010 devastating earthquake, a figure that dropped to only about 70,000 now, thanks to a program that allowed the government to move those living under makeshift tents to safer homes.

 For his part, Prime Minister Lamothe reviewed, with ample details, the achievements of the government, in a short period of time and with little money.

“We want to say thank you and we want to tell you that things are moving forward, things are improving in Haiti today,” said Lamothe. “We have made ​​tremendous progress, but there are also enormous challenges in the years to come,” said Lamothe encouraging donors to fully respect their commitments.

Lamothe has invited investors from around the world to come and invest in Haiti, which is one of the safest countries in the region, to create sustainable jobs and stimulate the economy, so that Haiti may finally stand on its own feet.

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