Bertrand with President Martelly

Haiti’s Polo team captain, Claude-Alix Bertrand, was named Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti on Sept. 5 at a special ceremony held in Haiti’s national palace. Bertrand was recognized for his achievement as an international polo player and his commitment to empower the country through tourism and sports. President Michel Martelly and Minister of Tourism Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin presented Bertrand with the distinguished honor along with the Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action Himler Rébu.

“I humbly accept the nomination of ambassador bringing together my passion for polo and love of country which will help change Haiti’s image through sports, tourism and economic development,” Bertrand said. 

Bertrand received an official invitation from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries to travel to Haiti from Sept. 4 to Sept. 9.During his visit, he was presented at a press conference held by Villedrouin and Rébu to officially announce the creation of Haiti’s first Polo Resort and Club and a training school. He also toured various sites in Haiti such as Côtes-de-Fer, in order to study the possibility of inserting a development project for a Polo Resort and a Car racing track.

 Minister of Tourism with Claude-Alix Bertrand
Minister of Tourism with Claude-Alix Bertrand

During his trip he also met with representatives from Digicel, Barbancourt and Cafe Rebo to discuss potential sponsorships for the polo team.

Polo is one of the fasting growing spectator sport in the world. Bertrand founded the Haiti Polo Team in February 2014. Within a few months, the team won its first International Polo Tournament on Aug. 3 where they defeated the U.S.  

“This victory will allow the team to participate in numerous tournaments throughout the world.”

Haiti Polo Team is scheduled to compete in the South American International Polo Championships in Cordoba, Argentina from Oct. 8 to Oct. 12.

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