by Enock Nere, Le Nouvelliste

Credit: Le Nouvelliste

On, July 22nd the Haitian national football team U-20 won 2-1 against the Surinamese team to earn the group 3 qualifying ticket and advance to the Caribbean Final Round. 10, 000 spectators followed the game refereed by Jamaican Kevin Morrison.

About 10,000 spectators gathered at the Sylvio Cator stadium to support the
national team and enjoy a good game. From the second minute of the game, Giovanni Asoman kicked the ball into the goal guarded by Charles Guito. Suriname then led 1-0. Seven minutes later,Junior Joseph scored a penalty shot, tying the score. A loud cheer was the response of the 10,000 spectators while singing “Yo mele”. (They’re in trouble).

At the end of the first half, the score was still 1-1. In the second period, the Haitian technical staff choose to replace Junior Joseph with Nerlin St-Vil, and Hérivaux by Arcus Carlens. Alexandre Campoy scores a goal giving the advantage to Haiti. Defensively controlling the game, Haiti held on to its victory until the final whistle was blown, earning the group 3 qualifying ticket for the Caribbean Final Rounds.

“This team only needs a few alterations. With work, it can do something,” observed several spectators at the end of the game. Haiti won group 3 with 3 wins in 3 games, however Sainte Lucia finished with the best score after its 17-0 win over Turks and Caicos. Turks and Caicos, finished last conceding 34 goals in three games. Haiti, with 16 goals, is the only team that will Haiti’s wins against Suriname and now advances to Caribbean Final Rounds

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