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Education is a central value for many, if not all, Haitian families. Despite this, for many parents in Haiti, the opportunity to provide their children with a quality education is nonexistent. One Long Island nonprofit, however, is doing their part to make sure each child they reach doesn’t fall into that group.

“One of the greatest gifts you can give to a child is the gift of education,” Michael Charles, founder of Light the World Foundation (LTF) said. LTF is a nonprofit whose mission is to educate Haiti’s children and provide youth opportunities for personal and professional growth.

On July 12, the organization will hosts their Fourth Annual Arts and Music Festival to raise funds to help further their mission.Founded in November 2009, with donations and pledges from community members, Light the World Foundation is dedicated to helping educate Haiti’s children to become valuable members of their communities.

“The purpose of this event is to raise funds to finance children’s education in Haiti and college students for youth in New York City and surrounding areas,” Charles said. Proceeds from the event will go towards their Light the World Scholars program and youth mentoring workshops. Under the scholar’s program, students are awarded full-tuition scholarships in Haiti and up to $3,000 in the US, to help cover education expenses for a year.

“At a time when the cameras are gone, the hopeless faces of Haitian children are no longer flashing on the evening news, Light the World foundation is determined to keep reminding everyone that these children still exist and are in need of an education and hope for a future can be better,” Charles said.

This year’s fundraising concert includes longtime supporter Limage Pierre, Dickson Guillaume – former Haitian mass choir director and his group LIBERE and Jackson Chery, who is known for his project titled “Bridging the Gap.”

“More exciting than the concert experience is the feeling of fulfillment that comes with knowing that over 350 children from six different communities in Haiti will get the opportunity to go to school and continue their education in the upcoming school year,” he said.

The festival begins at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at South Shore High School in Brooklyn. Concert tickets are $15.

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