In today’s Haitian music scene, it is not common to hear Music Rasinn on the radio like before. But few young groups have been playing and performing overseas recently. The success of Zing Experience has been triggered by the popularity of certain artists or their backgrounds. Zing Experience, a band that came from Boukman Eksperyans, has gained rapidly an international popularity and is being recognized as a new symbol of Music Rasinn. The band made history by placing higher in the World Music charts in Norway and Switzerland than any foreign language record had previously done so.

Last week Zing Experience took part in several concerts in Norway and Switzerland, especially in the No Siesta Fiesta Festival, March 7 and The Haiti Project Concert, before heading to Switzerland for a three-hour club performance. No Siesta is a celebration of Latin American culture and showcases dance, music, film and other art expressions. The festival has a strong commitment to the art and culture of Latin America and to the Latin American communities of the Arctic North, Scandinavia and Europe. Zing Experience managed to bring back Music Rasinn to Europe with a mix of Reggae rhythm, Vodou and Rara.

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