It took Zin 20 years to finally realize that musicians are not only entertainers, but could also be part of the “change” that Haiti desperately needs. The band has performed to charity events before, but has never been so involved in lending a helping hand to the needy. Last week, Zin assistant manager Jean-Claude Denis and the band’s long time associate, Pierre Michel Theodat, were in Haiti to donate food and 100,000 Gourdes to Korobel School in the poor neighborhood of Bel-Air to provide aid for the children. “I think it’s great to see famous bands and musicians offering their time and their money towards a good cause,” a zealous fan by the name of Junior, told Showbiz. Musicians from the HMI have in the past pledge thousands of dollars and a series of live benefit concerts were planned last summer to help the victims of the hurricanes that hit the homeland, especially one produced in New York by Alex Abellard.

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