Everyone knows that everyone wants flawless skin. Some of us have great skin naturally, while others struggle daily with skin issues. There are so many different skin issues, which in turn, leads to the overwhelming number of products to remedy each of these problems.

When I used to go to the supermarket to try something new since, as usual, whatever I was using was not working, I would just be totally overwhelmed by all the products out there. I might as well have closed my eyes, spun around and randomly picked one, because I had no clue.

This is how a lot of people feel when they go product shopping for their face. It’s just too much. But, a lot of people fail to realize that instead of looking for something to put ON your face to fix your skin problems, we should be focusing on keeping stuff OFF of our faces. Crazy, I know. But crazy enough to work.

There are several bad habits that many of us have (including me) that harm our skin. So here are a few things you should probably stop doing for better skin.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Your skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside of your body. If your body’s having a hard time getting rid of toxins, that stuff will manifest itself on the outside, especially on your face. Water is essential for keeping the inside of the body clean. Not only do you have to wash the outside of your face, but also the inside. And you do this by drinking plenty of water. You should get at least 64 ounces, but more is better.

Over Washing

When you have bad skin it’s pretty logical to think that if your face is always super clean it will eventually clear up. But, this is not actually the case. Washing your skin too often can aggravate skin issues and dry out your face, causing more issues.

There’s also a tendency to want to scrub your skin until it’s squeaky clean with a washcloth, loofah, Brillo pad (well I hope, not the Brillo pad). If it works for the stove and the bathtub, why not your face? Well, think of your skin as a fine fabric. You wouldn’t scrub silk with a steel brush. Why would you scrub your face with such harsh products? You’re just causing more damage to your skin. All you need is a good gentle cleanser and lukewarm water, and you’ll be good.

Creeping Hair Products

Lots of people tend to put so many products in their hair to keep it looking tight, but fail to realize there may be a price to pay. Would you ever rub that blue hair grease on your face? Well it ends up getting on your face around your hairline anyway when you put it on your hair. You should wash your face after you do your hair (instead of before) or cover your face when applying these products. If you wear hairstyles with your hair in your face, make sure your hair is clean because that’s the most common way that hair products end up on your face.

I know it’s hard to change routines and do this stuff all at once, but trust me it definitely helps. I remember when I stopped scrubbing my face with a washcloth. I just didn’t feel my skin was as clean as it could have been, but I stuck to it. And you know what? My skin definitely started clearing up a bit, and acne didn’t last as long.

Try it (for at least a week). You may be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time, cheers to a better you!

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