Young Haitian designer Robinson Elie is about to have the fashion industry spinning on his head. The 29 year-old designer of Latent Apparel couldn’t be happier to see people wearing his T-shirt collection. With urban consumers purchasing thousands of dollars this year, it’s hard to ignore Latent Apparel as the next major player in the fashion industry. Haitians shoppers worldwide are opening their wallets to buy Latent Apparel that carries different Creole slogans and daily expressions found in Haitian culture, such as: Kouman Ou Ye, Sexy Se Rans, Bon Bagay, Sak Pase, Pale Avem, etc. Latent Apparel is a subsidiary of Latent Enterprises LLC, a fairly young company with a vision to expose as many cultural spins as possible, thereby breaking through country barriers. Elie plans to reach out to other countries and expand his clothing line in different languages.

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