When it comes to trampolines most people think of kids bouncing around on a huge pool-sized trampoline, yelling and screaming, breaking bones and getting rushed to the hospital. Well maybe that was just my perspective, but that was before I knew of all the benefits of using a trampoline or the the new age term: rebounding. Rebounding has so many benefits that many people think it’s one of the best physical activities you can do for your body. Here are a few reasons that’ll make you go out and get a rebounder tomorrow:

Cheap and Easy! Just the way we like it.

I’m sure there are lots of you out there who want to lose weight or get your stamina up or just plain get back in shape but there’s always something holding you back. Time and money are the top reasons people never get around to working out. But getting a mini-trampoline or rebounder will solve both these issues. Can’t afford to get a gym membership? Treadmills too expensive and bulky? Not sure about investing in Chuck Norris’s Total Gym (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about)? Get a mini-trampoline. I’ve seen them for as low as $30! That’s less than half the cost of most monthly gym memberships. They also take up the same amount of room a coffee table would take, so you probably have the room for it. I have one that folds in half and I store it under my bed.

Now once you get your mini-trampoline it’s also really easy to work with. All you have to do is bounce up and down. No complicated choreography or flips. Nothing fancy. Just plain jumping up and down. This is especially great if you have trouble running because you have pain in your legs, knees or back. Rebounding is very low impact on your joints. You can do it. Children can do it. But if you’re someone who likes routines and choreography, there are some programs you can find that you can do on your mini-trampoline. Can’t find the time? Do it while you’re watching your favorite show or the news. You can even take breaks during commercials. You can do it while brushing your teeth or while you’re on the phone. You can do it whenever. Just a few minutes a day is useful. You don’t have to be on it for an hour. Just 5 minutes!

Motivates your insides!

One of the most beneficial aspects of rebounding is the way it stimulates your lymph system. Without getting too technical on you, your lymph system functions as a garbage collector of your body by getting rid of toxins, fatigue substances, dead cells, cancer cells other garbage. Lymph fluids are stimulated by muscle movement and gravity, among other things. Rebounding is one of few exercises incorporates gravity and muscle movement making it a great way to get your cells in order. And rebounding has the same benefits of other exercises such as stimulating the blood and lungs in much the same way other exercises do. Exercise increases the oxygen flow through your body and most importantly to your brain. Whenever you exercise, notice how you actually feel more energetic after you’re done (after you catch your breath)? Able to think a little clearer and faster?

All these things together promote a healthier environment for your body function more efficiently and heal itself. You’ll have more energy, a better attitude and most importantly a better you. If you’re not sure, go to your local sporting goods store and see if you can try one out. I’m sure once you try it you’ll see how easy it is and fall in love… well in like with it.

If you have a trampoline or are thinking about trying it out, share your thoughts. I’d love to hear your experiences, questions, or concerns.

Until next time, Cheers to a better you!

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