Tis the season…for Gift Giving

This is the time of year when we spend many of days and moments thinking about other people. But one group that I want to focus on is those individuals who provide us year round service. It is customary to tip your hairdresser, babysitter, super and various others that ensure that your life runs smoothly throughout the year (And if you did not know, now you know). I am in the service industry, thus, I am a strong believer in the tipping system, and however, you can forgo tipping the caterer a high tip. But those people that truly do contribute to your daily life should not be overlooked, especially around the holidays. Do remember that some of these individuals don’t make the highest of wages throughout the year, so tips do matter to their bottom line.

We know times are harder than previous years, so it is understood that you may not be able to give a cash gift to all. In some cases while cash is best, a thank you card, a homemade gifts or cookies do just as nicely. Remember, whether you are giving cash or a gift, a hand written note should always be attached. Nothing fancy but two or three sentences expressing appreciation should suffice.

If budget allows here are my suggestions to really make the holidays special for the worker bees in your life. Please know these are merely suggestions. Actual tip amount or worth will depend on your relationship with the person, where you reside, how much they earn, and how long you have been working with them

Babysitter- Age of your babysitter will determine what kind of gift you get them. If it is an older person, you can offer a nice handbag or tickets to a play. For younger babysitters a nice gift certificate to their favorite store works well. You can’t go wrong with stores like target, H & M, and Sephoras. If they enjoy reading, Barnes & Nobles card would do nicely. Budget $50-$100

Full Time Nanny- One to two week’s salary would go a long way with your nanny. If you don’t feel like giving cash, a gift of equal value would work well. Perhaps a nice designer hand bag. Buy something you know the person would not necessarily buy for herself. Indulge them.

Mail Carrier- You cannot give mail carriers cash gifts, but perhaps a gift certificate to a coffee shop would do the trick. $10-$25

Teacher- A nice desk plant goes a long way with teachers or gift certificates to specialty stores.

For the individuals below cash is king.

Personal Trainer- $50 or the equivalent of one session

Hairdresser/Barber- $25-$50

Laundry Person- $10-$25

Door Man at Your apartment complex- $50

Doorman at Work – $25

Dog Walker- $50

Super -$50-$100

If all else fails, a nice handmade basket of Fleurimond Catering’s specialty Gourmet Patties delivered to their door will do the trick!

Need more gift giving ideas and tips? Write me at nadegefleurimond@gmail.com

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