Those who thought Cornelia Shutts, better known as “Ti Corn” had retired should think again. She’s back. Ti Corn will play a concert in Miami in June, kicking off her comeback. After a 10-year absence, she returns to the limelight to reclaim her status as a unique and unforgettable artist. Ti Corn, who has set the bar high for Haitian traditional music back in the 80s, can be heard on everyone from Tifane to N’Digenous. Her songs have been sampled by dozens of artists along with her impeccable diction and ability to honestly connect with any song has resulted in a vast catalog of hits such as: Coquillage, Haiti Cherie; Se pa vre; Ki Melem; Pays de Reve, etc. Aly’s Communications in association with the artist will take the public to a colorful round-trip through the years of her performances of traditional Creole Folk songs and ballads by well known Haitian composers.

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