Singer Finds Her Poetic Side Songtress Jeannie Bogart Stretches to Another Octave — A Poetry Book

BROOKLYN — “Un jour … Tes pantoufles” is Jeannie Bogart first poetry book. The book-signing event, which took place Oct. 5 at the Bérée Community Center, drew dozens of friends and poetry lovers who were curious to see what more the author has to offer after her last cd release.
After reading from her poetry book, the author-singer received kudos that affirmed that her creativity springs from her writing muse as well as from her natural singing talent.
Her poetry book is centered on love and has some risqué comparisons that can provoke some unexpected blushes.
The soiree was a mix of poetry and songs that had people singing along with guitarist Jhon Steeve Brunache and songtress Jocelyne Dorismé.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
May. 05, 2012

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