Ritchie Working on a New “Drum Project”

Why did we ever doubt that Jean-Richard “Ritchie” Herard wouldn’t have a hard time keeping himself busy with awesome projects? Since producing and playing with Zenglen, Ritchie has teamed up with Shedly Abraham for an as-yet-named project to offer to the young fans and talented musicians, especially drummers, the opportunity to question “up and personal”, he said. Fans wanting to see the “superstar maker” explore some heavier realms of music might just get their wish. He said that he believes if the previous and current generation of drummers are willing to reach out to the upcoming generation, it can be one of the greatest gifts to our music industry. Ritchie and Shedly are both ready to have two drums sets at each event to deliver some great shows throughout Haiti, Miami, New York, Boston and Canada.

Tempo Hires a New Singer

New York based band Tempo has retained well-known singer Dady to combat a rash of negative stories that have appeared about the group’s tenure in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI). Band leader, Moise Herard, said that he’s not going to sit back idly regarding the false and defamatory stories fueled by people that post comments on the internet, adding that ex-singer of Vwadezil, Dady has been hired to prove the “player haters” wrong. Dady who has a singing experience with bands such as Dega, C-Kans, Code 2, and Vwadezil will be a perfect match for Tempo, since their original frontman, Berto who was forced to leave has decided to go solo.

Alex Abellard Returned in Haiti Definitely

Former ZIN band leader, Alex Abellard went to Haiti to support and work in his brother’s presidential campaign has decided to stay there definitely. The musician opened a recording studio, Mediatech, that will be working with young artists, and serve as a multimedia studio for radio and television jingles. Mediatech suite on Delmas 19 aims to be the standard of almost every major commercial and project studio in Haiti, and with good reason. Alex seems to enjoy what he is doing, and he is doing it to a professional standard. Mediatech is a well designed studio facility will enable the artists and voice over talents to create a demo tape that will start them off on their recording career.

Ed Lozama is Now Communication Consultant for Michel Martelly

Ed Lozama announced this week on his facebook page that he was appointed as Michel Martelly Communications Consultant. Lozama has stepped into the position immediately. The man, who owns and manages Radio Maxima FM in Port-au-Prince said that: “ I’m officially taking a leave from my morning show to work on Martelly’s campaign. I’ll be back after elections.” With incredible drive and communication expertise, Ed would be an invaluable asset to the Martelly campaign office. Lozama also took some time to respond to those who criticized him for getting into politics by saying: “For the record. I am a volunteer. Not a paid staffer. I will not apologize for making a very difficult decision. I am satisfied and at peace for having made it. I chose to enter the Haitian political arena to fulfill a promise I made to myself after 01/12/10 not to stand on the sideline anymore. It’s my belief that my country (I happen to live there) needs new energy, new ideas, and new direction. I chose to look forward.” It is believed that Ed Lozama will bring an extensive background and outreach to his work as Communications Consultant.

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