CARIMI Performed for President Compaoré
After their sold out concert in Zenith, Paris where one member of the Burkinabe government was in the attendance, CARIMI traveled to Africa to play a short set for Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaoré. This is a big thing for the group that performed at a presidential dinner held by the Burkinabe. Around 100 people attended the dinner, including a number of high-rank officials, diplomats, and culture representatives of culture.

Why Did Zenglen Fired Dabenz?
According to different sources Zenglen defended itself business wise about firing one of their singers, Dabenz, based on the fact that Dabenz allegedly had planned a “coup d’état” by joining the New York band Oxygen, and by telling the keyboard player Jude to join him. The band has discussed the issues raised by Jude. The sources continue to say that Darbenz attitude was the key to maintain a good relationship with him, but he failed by acting up, and showing off all the time. The long-running dispute between Dabenz and the rest of the band appears came to an end last week with Zenglen apparently reluctant to let the singer stay in the band any longer. For his part, Zenglen’s band leader Brutus who knew about Dabenz secret move, made his point at a performance in Haiti. Something’s got to give and someone’s got to go he said. After a meeting of all Zenglen’s musicians, they decided to let Dabenz go.

Beethova Obas to Release a New Album Next Month
“Future” is the title of Beethova Obas’ new album with the collaboration of several Caribbean and Haitian musicians such as Dominique Berose, Zebina Jose, Sergo Decius, Fabrice Rouzier and Azor. The strings of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Wroclaw (Poland) on the CD will be noted. Beethova is thrilled to be releasing the single “Gòl La” that allows him to use something that has a meaning and compose music beats and lyrics that his fans can relate to. The album contains twelve tracks, including “Futur”, “Rara Bois Verna”, “Ti papa”, and “Yo”. Most of the songs highlight the artist in pitch-perfect vocals and a stylistically fresh sound featuring a cello line, drums, piano, guitar, string instruments and international beats. A release will be held in New York on December 12.

Harmonik Hires Christian Surena as Their New Keyboardist
Harmonik has announced this week the addition of Christian Surena of SUAV as their second keyboard player. Surena comes to Harmonik with expertise in both keyboard and lead vocal. The new musician was well received and the new addition was complimented on the ease and success of his transition into a well-sustained band so quickly. Harmonik ended up with Christian Surena when musician Don Bouli decided to focus on his family matters. They could have gone with solo singer Nickenson Prudhomme who is Don Bouli’s protégé, but the band took a cue from the manager and decided to hire Surena. In the coming weeks Harmonik will be integrating the new musician into all tracks that were set for their up-coming album, thus expanding not only their current set list, but their potential to meet the needs of fans in their live performances.

Tammy Babcock is helping Haiti
When Tammy Babcock, the humanitarian, learned of the conditions in Cité Soleil a neighborhood of Port- au- Prince, she worked with the community to build a water-tower, and provide first-aid to the locals, risking her own safety in an area overrun by gang violence. After her first foray into Cite Soleil, Ms. Babcock founded the humanitarian organization, Help Tammy Help Haiti (HTHH), a grassroots organization that works directly with the people affected by disease, homelessness, crime and serious health issues brought about by oppressive poverty. Tammy is a 32 years old humanitarian who took it upon herself to make this world a better place for those less fortunate. Born and raised in rural Ontario near the city of Kingston, Tammy has traveled the world over to countries like Japan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and most recently, several trips to Cité Soleil, Haiti.

Bibliothèque Sans Frontières to Open a Library in Port-au-Prince
Libraries Without Borders set up a partnership with the State University of Haiti to open a digital library to accommodate the 15,000 students in Port-au-Prince in January 2011. In the long term, TSO will prepare the implementation of the future university library in Port-au-Prince. The State University of Haiti (UEH) suffered considerable damage. Numerous buildings were severely damaged or completely destroyed by the earthquake. Eleven of the twelve libraries of the University are on the ground. To support the resumption of classes at the beginning of January 2011 Libraries Without Borders provides a solution for rapid access to information for students, researchers and teachers in Haiti. The Digital Library UEH will allow access to electronic resources, online courses, journals and periodicals. More than 20 international publishers have agreed to open their database free of charge to 15,000 students in Port-au-Prince who will have access to the digital library.

Haiti Soccer Team to Perform in Qatar
Most of the players of the Haiti soccer team arrived in Qatar last Saturday on invitation, to play an international friendly match against the national team of Qatar on Nov.17. The Haitian players who moved to Portugal and France have joined the national team in Qatar on Nov.15 only because of their obligations in the league and the new FIFA rules which allows clubs to release players 48 hours before a game. The organization of this match was made between the two federations in March as part of an effort by the Haitian Football Federation (HFF) to keep the spirit of the Haitian football team high after the earthquake.

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