Didi Santana Has Joined Djakout #1
Guitarist Didi Santana, who was a member of Kadans for fifteen years, did his first gig last week with Djakout # 1. The band which has released a new album last week, hooked up with the musician at the time their were working on the new project. At least he stands up when it comes to be a front man. So it’s no surprise that Djakout #1 has recruited the hard-rocking guitarist to front the band in replacement of Cedric.

Thirty Thousands People Welcomed Kassav in Angola

Nearly thirty thousand people gathered Saturday night in Luanda to attend the fourth concert of Kassav at the Cidadela stadium in Luanda. The group Kassav convinced once again the public that he began to conquer in 1985. Even in the rain, people rushed to applaud Jocelyne Beroard, Jacob Desvarieux, Jean-Philippe Marthely, Jean-Claude Naimro, Georges Decimus, and others. Yola Semedo, opened the show followed by Yannick, Yuri da Cunha, shortly before the most anticipated 22:22. On stage, the Caribbean group sang various songs known to the public as “Di Mwen”, “Kole Sere”, “Yélélé”, “Sie Bwa”, “Anbalate”, “Rete”, “Solei”, “Siwo” and others.

“Sortie 67” to Premier November 5th
Producer Jephte Bastien will show the public his first feature film “Sortie 67” on the big screen in Quebec. The director has a unique vision and the lens through which he views the world is influenced by his feeling. His fascination to that form of expression has led to a level of understanding that allows him to open his own window on the seventh art. “Sortie 67” is the story of the mulatto Haitian Québécois, whose childhood was rocked when, at age eight, he sees his father murder his mother, a crime he swears revenge.

Iris Photo Collective to Show “Harlem to Haiti” in its “Speaker Series”
On November 20, The Iris Photo Collective Visual Lab will host their final “Speaker Series” for the year entitled “Harlem to Haiti” an evening of film, fundraising, music and dialogue. As part of the finale of a very successful ten weeks outreach program, IPC will be screening Haitian-American filmmaker, Rachelle Salnave-Gardner. Her piece titled ‘Harlem’s Mart 125: The American Dream’ is a documentary about the gentrification of Harlem. Iris Photo Collective Visual Lab is a partnership among Iris Foundation, Iris Photo Collective, and the Little Haiti Cultural Center. The ten-week program had explored storytelling; its main target audiences are both children and adults who are engaged and interested in enhancing their knowledge of the visual language of photojournalism. Through collaborative exercises, discussions, critiques, and lectures participants will develop the skills necessary to reveal a strong photographic narrative using their own visual voice. The Speaker Series is a semi-monthly discussion between Industry professional’s and visionaries who share their experiences as a mean for inspiration to the students.

CHYANANM to Perform in Miami for the First Time
The all-percussion band CHAYNANM will embark on their first ever tour of the United States next month, with performances in Miami, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, and Sun City. With musical influences ranging from Racine Mapou de Azor, Mamady Keita, Caribbean, and African rhythms, fans will be able to enjoy Chaynanm’s unique repertoire of hits that include songs such as “Wondjale”, “Banda”, and the ever popular “Chaynanm Debake”. The tour will mark Chaynanm’s first major live appearances in the United States. CHAYNANM is a music conscious percussions and Folkloric, World, traditional, and Voodoo music ensemble out of Haiti, and has performed across the Caribbean. Their repertoire is rich of Haitian folkloric, traditional, and Voodoo-Jazz music.

French Institute Opened a New
At a brand new premises built at the same address in Bois-Verna, Corinne Micaelli, the new director of the French Institute of Haiti, announced the schedule of activities for the next two months of the institution at a Press Conference October 29. The director took the opportunity to introduce the new staff of the Institute for the Press. Alain Sauval, Sir Cultural Cooperation at the Embassy of France presented the action of his country as a whole during that meeting on the redesigned courtyard of the Institute. He said that the French Institute, along with six French Alliances constitutes an important step to enhance the French culture and to promote the Haitian culture locally and internationally.

Defunct Volo Volo to Perform in Martinique
Fans of old-time Compas music are programming the former band Volo Volo to perform its old Compas songs and producing their own fan videos. On November 26, Volo Volo will perform at the Atrium, in Fort-de-France, Martinique. Though reviews were favorable, the lineup the band presented will not to last, as pressures from personal life and needs, involvement in other projects had forced the departure of some musicians. As a band they do want to perform live on a regular basis but those Compas stars will change their mind all the time when it comes to be at a rehearsal.
“There are only two reasons for Volo Volo to do that,” a younger fan said to Showbiz.
“For nostalgia or for money. I’m not big on nostalgia, but a number of people in Martinique are especially when they listen to “Caresse”, or “Riviem Simalo.” Several years ago, Volo Volo entered the pantheon of great disbanded bands you never expected to reunite, but they did it more than once, especially in the French territories. If ever a band never got a shot at reaching their huge potential, it would be them, which disbanded in 2004 after they released their fifth studio album “A Pa Nou”.

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