2011 is in full swing. We’ve all either made New Year’s resolutions or at least know someone who has. This is right around the time were the resolutions start to slack.

Most resolutions are around health, ranging anywhere from losing weight to quitting smoking. We all want to become better versions of ourselves so wanting to do something for our health is only natural. It should be easy. We know exactly what we need to do. So why is it that it takes almost no time for us to begin slacking off on our New Year’s resolution?

Well, the modern world has attempted (and in many ways succeeded) in making our lives non-stop. The only stopping point we recognize is the New Year when we reset and start fresh. But think about this: If there were no calendar, what would you use to indicate a time to reset?

If you’re in the northeast, like I am, it sure wouldn’t be the dead of winter. If you’re in the southern hemisphere does it make sense to start over in the middle of the summer? I’m guessing no.

It would probably make a lot more sense to start fresh with the seasons. Think about it. Before the modern information age or even before the industrial revolution, this is the time when we would be hibernating. Yes, just like bears. In the months leading up to the winter we would have prepared ourselves to chill out in the house.

So why is it that in the dead of winter we say that we’re going to start a new diet? Or start going to the gym? Or quit smoking? I don’t know about you, but in the dead of winter the only thing I’m thinking about is staying warm. I don’t want to go anywhere and sweat. I’m always thinking about eating warm soup or macaroni and cheese or something that’s going to stick to my ribs and keep me warm.

Every year when we make our New Year’s resolutions we just don’t know what happened to them by the time March rolls around. But it’s not your fault. It’s not my fault. It’s partially the calendar’s fault.

In the winter time, we’re meant to just chill (pun completely intended). Use the winter, not as a time for action, but as a time to plan what you’re going to do when nature tells you to start fresh: the spring time.

Spring time is nature’s new beginning and time to reset. Notice that spring is when plants start growing, animals and insects come back or come out and trees sprout new leaves. As humans we need to fall in line. This is the time to start a new diet or get a new pair of running shoes. You also have the added bonus of having the summertime so much closer. We all are basically working on getting that beach body ready.

So take a load off in the winter. Use it as a time to prepare and chill. If you’re working on your weight your goal should just be to not gain any weight during the winter. For many people, that is a triumph in itself. But that’s a topic for another day.

Until next time, cheers to a better you!

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