I know you’ve seen them. People still wearing shorts, tank tops or flip flops. Folks still going outside with no jacket on. It’s October. The summer is over. Let’s embrace the fall. I don’t know about you but I love fall fashion, colors, scarves and boots. Don’t get me wrong – I hate the cold, but what can I do? I just embrace it.

But for many of us the transition from hot weather to significantly cooler weather can be confusing. For instance, last week in New York City it was 90 degrees, but today it’s 50 degrees. If you’re not paying attention to the weather channel, you’ll be in trouble.

Aside from watching the weather channel, there are some things you should do to have a smoother transition from the warmer weather to cooler weather.

Switch Up Your Moisturizer
You notice when the weather starts to get cooler, you find that your moisturizer just doesn’t do a good job of…well…moisturizing your face? Well, the moisturizer you were using in the summer was tag-teaming with warm weather and humidity to keep you moisturized so it didn’t have to do too much work. Now that it’s cold, you’ll need something a little more heavy duty. I’m not saying switch to petroleum jelly, just something a little more creamy than what you’re using now.

Don’t skimp on the sunscreen though. The sun may not be as bright in the fall, but it’s still there and can do some damage. I would recommend getting an exfoliating facial to clear up some of the damage the sun may have caused over the summer. Getting it at the spa would be best, but there are some great at-home exfoliating products out there.

Get a Haircut
Not only does your skin get a little damage from the sun, but your hair also can get pretty dull from sun exposure. You’ll notice the less curly your hair is, the more likely you’ll notice the sun damage. You may have more split ends or your hair may just be really dry. A trip to the salon will do wonders for your hair. You should ask for a trim to get rid of any split ends and a hydrating masque for your hair to give your hair new life. If a trip to the salon is not within your budget there are some masques that you can apply at home. As for a trim…hopefully your cousin is not too scissor happy.

Lighten Up Your Foundation
You ever notice that some people are just not wearing the right color foundation? Sometimes it’s too dark; other times it’s too light. If you’re like me you used to think that some people were either color blind or borrowing the friend’s foundation. While these two scenarios may be true, it could also be that some people don’t realize that their skin gets lighter and darker when the seasons change.

In the summertime you’ll need a slightly darker foundation than you would in the wintertime since your skin generally gets darker in the summer and lightens up in the winter. I’d recommend using mineral foundations since they’re less likely to leave that line under your chin and you can blend the colors. Mineral foundation also keep longer and is less likely to spoil.

Get a Little Soultry
I love playing with colors and fall is a great time to play with some new colors. This summer a lot of neon and light colors were so much fun, but now it’s time to get into some deeper and darker shades. I’m not saying channel Elvira here. Just some nice browns, purples, deep reds and oranges. This applies to your eye shadows, nail colors and lipsticks. Hey, if you’re not into the dark, you can just do nude colors. It’s all good.

I hope these tips are helpful and you try at least one out. A new season is the perfect time to try something new.

Until next time, cheers to a better you!

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