Haitian Professor Ruthy Charlot from Winnipeg University, Canada had passed away on Oct. 15 at around 8 a.m. According to sources closed to the University. Ms Charlot had died of an unexpected pulmonary blood clot, allegedly due to her medications. Apparently, a 911 call was made after 7 a.m. Ms. Charlot passed away soon after at the hospital.

According to the University officials Charlot joined Menno Simons College as a Sessional Instructor in September 2009. In her short time at the College she became a much loved friend, colleague and teacher. The 35 years old, Professor Charlot was instrumental in getting Haiti’s 5 Quake survivors into Winnipeg University with full scholarship.
“Ruthy’s premature departure saddens all of us who worked in partnership with the university, including Fritz Desormes, Dean, State University of Haiti; Mme. Mirlande Manigat, Dean, Quiskeya University, Senator Evelyne Chéron, said Gina Chéron of the Consortium for Haitian Empowerment.

The Brooklyn based Consortium for Haitian Empowerment had worked closely with the President of the University who contacted the organization for the coordination of the Project.
Ruthy Charlot was the daughter of Dr Jean –Baptiste Luc and Mrs Rita Charlot. She left a brother Jean-Luc in Miami, Florida and was the cousin of Harry Fouché, the Consortium Vice Chair.
A Memorial Service to celebrate and remember Ms Charlot will be held on Oct. 20 at 4:00 pm.
At the Elim Chapel located at 546 Portage Avenue/Spence Street

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