Saturday night. 11:30pm. You start getting dressed to go out (unless it’s ladies free before midnight, then you should have left already). You put on your sexy dress. Then you change to a skirt. Then back to a dress. Then pants. Then…finally decide on something. It doesn’t matter what it is because you look hot! You do your hair and makeup. You accessorize: maybe a cute watch, some nice earrings, a necklace…it doesn’t matter because now you look even hotter.

You then move onto the icing on your hot outfit: SHOES! You put on those sexy heels you’ve been itching to wear all week. You look in the mirror. Damn, you look hot. You grab the rest of your stuff and you hit the town.

But, at the end of the night even though you may look hot your feet don’t feel so hot. They are crying for you to remove the shoes. But what can you do? You can’t walk around barefoot. It’s tacky and just plain dirty. (Please don’t walk around barefoot).

This is where Footsyrolls come in. Footsyrolls are a roll-able pair a flats that you can fit in the palm of your hand. They are small enough so that you can fit them in a small clutch bag. The sole is made of rubber and the rest of the shoe is made of vinyl. They also come in quite a few different colors.

They’re not only great for going to the club, but also for anytime you wear heels. If you wear heels to work you can carry a pair in your bag and wear them while you’re at your desk. You can also wear them while driving. I know when I drive, the back of my shoes get ruined from having my heel on the floor.

Of course, Footsyrolls do have a few cons. I’m not sure they are worth the $25 price tag. You could get a real pair of shoes for $25 if you find the right sale at Macy’s. And speaking of real shoes, Footsyrolls are not meant to be worn long distances or in any extreme weather. They’re not real shoes and are not meant to be used as such.

To get around the price, they’ve been on sale at Leila Rowe boutique in NYC for half off (also availalbe online). I’m sure you could find a similar sale if you Googled hard enough. Dr. Scholl’s also has a similar product, Fast Flats, that goes for about $12 (currently only available in black). You could also just get a pair of ballet flats from Wal-Mart and shove into your purse.

In short, these or any similar product is a must-have for any of you ladies who love your heels, but don’t love the pain they cause you. You can slip out of your stiletto heels momentarily and put the Footsyrolls on for fast relief, then slip back into your stilettos when you’re ready for round two. This will at least minimize the number of chics I see with bear feet outside the club.

So go out and get your Footsyrolls or Fast Flats or ballet shoes or whatever alternative you find.

Until next time, cheers to a better you!

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