Grape soda. Orange soda. Ginger ale. Chocolate chip cookies. Ice cream. Jelly beans. Snickers. Reeces Pieces. Hershey’s. Red velvet cake. Cream cheese frosting. A cappuchino. Hot chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet?

Well, it you’re anything like me I’m sure your mouth is watering. Hopefully I didn’t push anyone to stop reading and go get a candy bar (if I did I’m sorry). I’m addicted to sugar… or I was…or I still am, but now I’m in control. Addicted to sugar? Yes, and most likely you are too, but don’t know it.

I recently read The Belly Fat Cure, by Jorge Cruise and was blown away by the information I read. Sugar is everywhere. Even in places you wouldn’t even think it would be. Most drinks, even so-called health drinks have tons of sugar.

After I finished the book I decided I’d take on the diet, at least for a few weeks. Mr. Cruise advocates for a diet where you’re eating very little sugar and a specific amount of carbohydrates daily. I know most of you are rolling your eyes and thinking that a diet like this is impossible to stay on. Actually, I thought the same thing.

I looked at the sugar content of the foods I was currently eating and thought, “how the heck am I going to change my diet and stick with this one?” If I ate two apples, I would be over my sugar limit. But I thought I should give it a try at least for one week if only so I could write about it.

I actually stayed on the diet for over a month. I wasn’t super strict every single day, but most days I was. The book claims that you’ll lose up to seven pounds the first week. I lost three and I wasn’t as strict as I was supposed to be.

The book was very supportive and helpful in that it lays out everything you need. There are recipes with specific products, foods you can use to replace some of the things you love to eat, and a basic list of the sugar content of most foods.

Once I got the hang of how much and what foods to eat, it was pretty easy. You’d actually be very surprised at how much food you can still eat while on this diet. It opens your eyes to so many healthy alternatives to foods we’re used to eating.

My only issue with the diet is that it doesn’t take the time to differentiate bad sugar from good sugar. Most people aren’t aware of the difference though, and it would probably complicate things for the diet. But keeping it simple has its benefits, so my hats off to Mr. Cruise.

I currently don’t follow the diet to the letter, but I still practice many of the things that I learned from the book. I’m very conscious of the amount of sugar I take in daily and try to regulate my carbohydrates as well.

If you are looking to reduce your sugar intake The Belly Fat Cure, by Jorge Cruise is an excellent place to start. If you follow even halfway, you’ll definitely see a difference. If you’re a sugar addict like I was or I am or…whatever…you should definitely give it a try. Feel free to email me for more information on my experience.

Until next time, cheers to a better you!

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