The lineup for the 2009 Miami Compas Festival was believed to be final until the festival announced some modifications last week. Odds are, there will continue to be modifications leading up to the show, and fans probably would want to pay attention to new reports if anyone has been added or dropped.
That’s the case for Zenglen, which was added, and Dola which was dropped off. The Festival line-up was already confirmed months ago, and now Dola feels disappointed by the decision to leave them out. Fans that have either supported the band on their shows or will be on their upcoming shows are very upset as well. New information revealed that due to budget restraints, the festival has opted for a local band like Zenglen instead flying a band from out of town. Then again, no matter who drops off, this year could be one of the biggest competitions in the history of the festival, since another Festival is set to take place on the same day in Fort Lauderdale.

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