NEWARK — The Haitian League and other partner associations participated at the National Congress of Haitian Americans, from Oct. 10-12 at the Sheraton Airport Hotel. A large delegation of Haitian dignitaries, elected officials, specialists and community representatives addressed Haiti’s issues in the wake of the storms and propose initiatives combined with international cooperation and aid. The congress was a weekend of authoritative reports, appeals for action, bold initiatives and spirited discussion to identify and mobilize the potential of more than two million Haitians in America. “The goal is to improve living conditions and opportunities, both here and in Haiti, through coordinated programs that are a match for the problems at hand,” said the organizers. Haiti has been ravaged by four tropical stormed. The conference comes at the right time for Haitians in the diaspora to address the need for Haiti’s remedies such as disaster preparedness, reforesting mountainsides, land planning, restoring damaged communities, managing water, building more lakes, supplying resources for homes, infrastructure, food production and private investment. “The challenge is not only Mother Nature, but unpreparedness, the failure to reforest the mountains and manage water, and the uncertainty of relief resource supplies, including materials to rebuild homes, and earthmovers, seeds and tools to replant crops before the end of the year,” said Dr. Bernier Lauredan, president of The Haitian League, Irvington, N.J. Among the key issues was environment and infrastructure; post hurricanes intiatives; immigration law; governing admission to the U.S.; hunger and sustainable development; advantage of investments in Haiti. Jonas Gay, Gerald Germain, former affaires Sociales, Kellly Bastien, Guy Lamothe, Kesner Pharel, East Orange Mayor Wayne Smith, Congressman Donald Payne on behalf of Obama’s campaign, were among the guests.

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