Ending a relationship that spanned five years and saw Hangout through ups and downs, Rulx Jerome, and Bruno, the band’s managers resigned last week. Rulx had become an influential force on the local Haitian Konpa scene in Florida. He advised other bands, managed Hangout and represented Zin and Phantoms. Neither the band leader Junior nor lead singer Frerot Jean-Baptiste or Tines would comment on the resignation. Any speculation about the management team decision was addressed by Rulx himself in a blog, where he said he will be from now on a booking agent for Hangout or any other band that needs his service. “I want to do something else with my life”, he said. It remains unclear if it’s the same situation with Bruno who apparently has joined Beljaz management. But according to close sources to the band, both Rulx and Bruno were not happy with the band’s secret strategy to hire someone else to take over the management. Others believe that Rulx is looking forward to become Phantoms’ manger, since the band is more popular that Hangout.

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