Springtime is here! This is a wonderful time of year. The weather is getting nicer. Grass is greener. Trees are sprouting new leaves. Flowers are budding and blooming. More people are outside enjoying the wonderful air. Well… most people are enjoying the wonderful air.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you hate spring. You don’t want to take a deep breath because it might cause a 10 minute coughing or sneezing fit. You don’t even want to go outside because of all the flowers and their stinking pollen. But you have to go outside because you don’t have the luxury of being a hermit. “Curse you, Spring” you say.

A good friend of mine probably has the worst case of seasonal allergies I’ve ever encountered. Other people I see with allergies are always looking like train wrecks. Nose all runny, eyes red and watery, makeup all messed up and tissues everywhere. But this girl, just has it all together. She always comes out looking like a movie star. She still sneezes and coughs, but looks fabulous doing it.

Well I don’t have any remedies for allergies (sorry). Talk to your doctor to explore your options. What I do have are tips on how you can avoid looking like a disheveled zombie and look a bit more presentable, even fabulous when you go out.

Sun Glasses
Lots of people’s eyes get really itchy when the springtime debris get into your eyes. There are very few accessories that make you look more fabulous than a fresh pair of sunglasses. And since the sun has come out and will be shining more, there’s no better time than now to start pulling out the shades. Sunglasses will help keep pollen and other debris out of your eyes. They also help keep your hands away from rubbing your eyes. So go on and grab that new pair a shades. You now have a great excuse to wear them more often. And yes, you can wear them at night. That’s extra fabulous.

I personally love the way women look with scarves wrapped around they’re heads. And topping it off with some nice sunglasses is beautiful. The allergy season is a great time to show off this look. Aside from just looking fabulous, the practical use of the scarf around your head and neck is that it keeps the pollen out of your hair so you’re not carrying it around with you all day. You can also use part of the scarf to cover your nose and mouth when the wind blows all the pollen and other debris all over the place. And since it’s spring, you can live it up with some nice spring colors.

Easy on the Makeup
First thing’s first. When you’re eyes are itchy and your nose is runny your hands will be all over your face. You’ll be tearing and have mucus all over. The last thing you want is to end up looking like a raccoon because your mascara is smudged. If you blow your nose and your lipstick ends up on the side of your face it’s not a good look. If you can wear no makeup. That’s your best bet. But if you must wear makeup, go easy or at least waterproof. Go with clearer colored lip gloss instead of lipstick. Use waterproof eye liner and mascara. If you go full coverage, you’ve got to make the extra effort not to touch your face.

This time of year you’ll see people all over with tissues, toilet paper or paper towels. It could be the guy next to you at work, people on the bus or people walking down the street. But, that doesn’t have to be you. You can blow your nose in a more fabulous than that. You can use handkerchiefs. They can add a classy old school flare to your ensemble. They’re inexpensive so you can have multiple kerchiefs. And a bonus is that they’re reusable so you’ll be helping the environment as well.

You can put all these things together or just employ one or two of them to help keep you looking less disheveled as a result of what the pollen and ragweed and other allergens do to you. You don’t have to be afraid to go out because you look crazy. You can actually look more fabulous than usual even with your allergies and without makeup. Hopefully I’ll see you out and about a little more now looking fabulous.

Until next time, cheers to a better you.

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