These days, some TV pundits talk a lot about President Obama’s popularity standing and the Democratic party’s defeat in the recent election of the House of Representatives. Few of them recall that the majority in U.S. Congress is a cyclical seesaw that had created difficulties and opportunities for successive presidents, democrats and republicans.

Rare are those who recognize the disastrous economic condition Barack Obama had inherited and the urgent bold actions he took to avoid a national catastrophe. Regardless the high level of unemployment that cause so much distress in so many families, the situation would be catastrophic if the million of those who remained employed thanks to the president’s initiatives were also out of jobs.

History teaches us that too often the good deeds of outstanding men and women are rarely valued correctly by their contemporaries. It is, however, in time of great difficulties that you can distinguish the true braves. Their real pursuit is not in the glory of their temporary positions but in the durability of their initiatives for the benefit of the larger portion of the country’s population. The reactionaries pretending to be conservatives called such concern socialism with a negative connotation. Their social philosophy is to keep things the way they are so that those who have less are reduced to none while the sky is no limit for those who have plenty.

When these conservative legislators talk about reducing the size of government and the salaries of functionaries are they including themselves? When they talk about killing the Health Reform Law that benefit millions of children, elderly, handicaps, and others in the middle and lower classes, are they sure to always have the privilege of their own health insurance? Looking at the arrogant attitudes of those conservatives who have only one legislative purpose, “insure that Obama is a one term president,” one can wonder how long they will declare anything that Obama will propose as socialist oriented and vote NO?

These “legislators” must be careful not to suffocate in their own vomit while a number of those who voted for them at the last election will soon realize that all the heinous talks and the great promises are only that and do not represent progressive action for better future. Should they have the votes to block government initiatives and try their own conservative agendas, the consevatives will not have the vote to over ride the president’s VETO. Whether Obama will be a one term president or not, history will tell. In the mean time, an impartial observer will recognize that he has done a lot in two years to relieve the pains of the larger population and put the country on a positive path. It has long been said that lightning strikes the taller trees.

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