Most of the artists who where supposed to vote and receive information about Compas on Broadway missed the cut in the inaugural event last weekend. The event is presented by Urbain Richard, a longtime promoter who wants to take Haitian music to another level to recognize Haitians for their contributions in the production and promotion of music, film, and dance.
Of course, the producer and his team strive to make the occasion special, but they could not manage to have the guests present, so the nomination announcement was cancelled. It’s hard to go wrong when there was plenty of publicity announcing the launching. The event did not start auspiciously for Richard, and something did go wrong with those who are supposed to be the recipients of the award next April. It is also interesting to note that the most serious HMI figures were present, including Boukman Eksperyans, Noel & Cecibon, Skah Shah, Fabiola Leger, Dola, Ritchie, Carimi, Kreyol La, Harmonik, and several reporters from Haiti. When asked why the other musicians did not show up, someone in the room replied loudly:” menen koulev la lekol se youn, fel chita se de”

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