For nearly a decade, the 45th Council District in Central Brooklyn has been badly represented by Kendall Stewart. Residents in the district, which includes a large number of Haitians, sent a resounding message in the Democratic primaries when they voted for Jumaane Williams. We thought we had sent Stewart packing, but he’s back, running as an independent. We urge voters to once again reelect Williams. Williams, 33, is a lifelong community organizer, who has always been on the side of the residents of Brooklyn. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he exudes the kind of leadership that many of us have been looking for a long time. He appears sincere and wants to do the right thing for his constituents. Stewart, has done precious little for the community and would like to take credit for things that are way beyond his control, like the Target store that opened about a year ago at the “Junction” between Flatbush and Nostrand Aves. But the district’s residential neighborhoods and business districts need a facelift. We hope that Williams can organize these groups with officials from the Sanitation and Police departments so they can come up with a strategy to spruce up the district. Too many posters for parties festoon the streets and more garbage bins should be put up for trash disposal.
Instead of working on these bread and butter issues, Stewart took a decidedly hostile view of Haitians. In 2003, he was cited in the Daily News for owning a building in his East Flatbush district that has 144 violations, for everything from peeling lead paint to rats to lack of heat and hot water.
Stewart blamed his tenants at 1740-1744 Nostrand Ave. for the sorry state of the building, saying they broke the front door lock and smashed mailboxes open.
“It’s a cultural thing,” he had told The News. “The Haitian folks, because of their poverty, will have five to eight people living in an apartment, and they will break the locks if one doesn’t have a key.”
We don’t need that type of leadership. That’s why on Tuesday November 3, we urge you to vote for Jumaane Williams for City Council in the 45th District.

Other candidates the Haitian Times is endorsing are:

Mike Bloomberg for mayor
John Liu for Comptroller
Bill Deblasio for Public Advocate

In Queens we are endorsing Leroy Comrie for the Council District 27

These candidates have shown that they care about the Haitian community. So we strongly recommend that you vote for them.

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