BROOKLYN – As many of you are aware, the future of newspapers in America has been the subject of much discussion as circulation and advertising revenue continues to drop steeply. Every day we read of newspapers closing down or cutting staff significantly.

We, at the Haitian Times, are not immune to this trend. We cannot continue to give away our content gratis while advertising revenue is down.
For more than 10 years, The Haitian Times has provided high quality news and entertainment information out of Haiti and the Haitian communities in the United States. So in January, we will begin charging $52 a year to access all articles, photos and other content. That’s $1 a week for unique information.

For the subscribers of the print version, you will be allowed to register for the remainder of your paid subscription. We are urging you to register in January so you can take advantage of a three-month free trial. That means if you subscribe in January 2010, it will expire in March 2011.

In addition, we will open an arts and crafts store online, offering high quality works by Haitian artisans, not easily available in Haiti. Our products have been carefully selected and prices will range from $20 to $100. The site has undergone tremendous renovation and we have video and audio capacity to provide readers and advertisers with different ways to enjoy the site.

In 2009, we reopened our Haiti bureau and we are in the process of hiring a correspondent in Miami, Boston and Montreal to provide daily news and information from these various communities so that we continue to bridge the gap between Haiti and its Diaspora.

Our motto, “Bridging the Gap” remains ever so important since we published our first issue in October 1999. In many ways, the rapid development in the Internet has made it possible for us to be more timely and relevant. While many are mourning the demise of newspapers, we at the Haitian Times see the current climate as a chance to expand our reach.

There remain few outlets that provide news and views from our country and communities. Technology has changed, our raison d’etre hasn’t. We hope that you will make the transition with us by joining us online and help us continue to provide the most comprehensive coverage of Haiti. It is of mutual benefit.

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