Brunatche Zephyr is not the newest Haitian comedian on the German world but the talented artist finally made his way onto the big stage with his very own dream and desire and has found success. After many successful years in Haiti at Le Petit Conservatoire, Zephyr went to Belgium to present the pre-season run of “La Naissance du Jongleur” at the Balsamine Theater with the Royal Conservatory of Liege, best known for its comedy nights.
Before joining Le Petit Conservatoire, Zephyr was a former student in journalism. His professional theatrical career did not begin on the stage but rather at school. He has revealed himself as an extremely talented actor when he played “Piwouli et le Zenglendo” in 1999. This obsession with theater and comedy brought him onto the stage sooner than he had ever expected when he played in “La Vie d’un Arbre”, “Defile”, and “Bis Kafou”.
La Naissance du Jongleur tells the story of a peasant farmer who has his land stolen and was willing to take revenge. The farmer had a vision of Christ who brought him into reason and told him that people like him have to suffer in order to demystify his oppressors. The play runs in Brussels until February 21.

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