Gracia Delva’s decision to run for office is having more coverage than the elections themselves, and has sparked controversies outside the music world. After Delva said that he’s seeking a seat in Haiti’s Chamber of Deputy to represent his hometown of Marchand, the announcement has fueled the airwaves as if it was the biggest shock of all. Observers are questioning the Mass Compas’s leader’s intellectual and political abilities to interpret the laws. They believe the singer’s chances to be elected relies solely on his popularity as an artist, and wish he would retract his decision.
The Haitian Cultural Forum, an Internet-based group has set off a series of reactions from the civil society advocates and organizations that are concerned and outraged by the artist’s potential new endeavors. However, he said the decision has already been made and that the current Chamber will likely have a new deputy for Marchand next year. No musician has publicly criticized Delva’s decision.

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