Gazzman new band DISIP will come out officially February 27, and promoters like Gerald “Kaliko” Firmin and underground station Touchem Douce are guaranteeing it will be happening in Miami Beach, according to media sources.

Fans should expect to see an album by the band soon, but will definitely get a single from Gazzman and his new band will be playing on a regular basis. The ex-singer of Nu Look is not taking any time off so he can work on the album intensively.

With the album’s first single, “Pa Kondanem”, co-produced by Ti Harold, that will be released after the Carnival, the new Gazzman crew are itching to play some live shows to start with. It is obvious that the singer had his plan in mind for quite some time.

While he’s preparing for the grand premiere of DISIP, Gazzman is also in the studio with a dozen musicians working on his solo album.

“We would like to have the album before Easter but we won’t put anything out in a rush until we can pull a batch of great songs together,” he said.

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