Since the beginning of his campaign and since he has been the President of the United States, Barack Obama has repeated in several ways that “Our future is inextricably linked to the education of our children”. Becoming somewhat the educator-in-chief, he insists on the advanced teaching of mathematics, sciences and languages, because he says, the United States is behind in the preparation of its youth that has to compete on the 21st Century global market.

Although the United States has the best colleges and universities worldwide, President Obama insists on the improvement of 2-year professional colleges and technical schools for the preparation of a most qualified and efficient working class. These are the citizens who can, not only perfect the execution of the work, but contribute to innovative performances. They are the backbone of productive works that can bring economic development and social stability.

After the controversy surrounded the approval of Michele Pierre-Louis, as the first Haitian woman Prime Minister, and the crude abusive way of her dismissal, the Senate has smoothly approved her minister of planning and external cooperation, Jean-Max Bellerive to replace her. For an independent observer, this sequence of events brings to mind some questions?

What can Mr. Bellerive do better than Mrs. Pierre-Louis? Was he a trusted collaborator? Does he has contacts and information he did not share with his prime minister? Was there any conflict of personality or vision between the prime minister and this member of her ministerial cabinet? Does he have the magic wand to cure Haiti’s ills? Could it be the ambitious perspective of the $324 million the donor nations pledged last April that caused the ugly turmoil?

One South Florida newspaper reported that Bellerive said he hopes to persuade donors “that Haiti has changed, that Haiti is ready to open itself to private investment, that Haiti is ready to give reports on its accountability, on transparency.” Although Pierre-Louis, as a lady, could not make that kind of “ouverture”, what the new PM is proposing so tearfully is what is expected of all respectable government. Thus, what does the former minister of planning and external cooperation has in his “lamayòt” or surprise box he wants to reveal?

We have more than once remarked that jobs implied location, infrastructure, electricity, drinking water, productivity, economic impact, and more importantly qualified personnel at all level. What does Haiti has to offer qualitatively to modern factories? Indeed, the very large majority of those in need of work are illiterate, and can only learn one or two routine type of work, or show their ability in works that require high intensity of men power. But, what about the hundred of thousand of those young men and women who have completed their secondary education and who have high hope and expectation from life? What is in it for them?

In the negotiation with any enterprise, constant consideration should be made for the best location with regard to possible enhancement of environment, population living conditions, sustainability with the appropriate health service, schooling and training programs. Some investors will realize how these priorities can insure a continuous profitable productivity. Everything is possible with good planning and a constant dedication to primarily serve the interest of the larger population and the whole country.

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