On election day, yesterday, a TV commentator asked a woman, “Who is winning in that election?” Without hesitation, the woman answered, “The Media and the artists,” meaning those imaginative people who produced the thousands of outrageous visual pieces of garbage called campaign materials. Their conception and realization are highly paid, Their diffusions bring millions of dollars the Media by the minutes.

The main purpose of this deluge of ugliness is to influence the eventual voters’ minds, make them perceive the current president and those who cooperate with him as the sole responsible agents of each individual or family misfortunes. The whole dirty propaganda promised on occasion the most brilliant future to these emotionally week citizens who don’t have the good sense to wonder about the possible reality behind the smoke screen of green promises.

If the president has done nothing during his first two years in office, how is it that his opponents want to undo what he has done with the participation of few of them. They pretend to turn right what was done wrong. For them, the stimulus programs that prevented the lay-off of millions of workers, teachers, fire-fighters, and police men and women is a waste. Providing long overdue health care to 40 millions citizens with some basic benefits is wrong? What about a number of essential nominations and initiatives that benefit the middle class that are in waiting in the Senate?

The leading senator of the opposition has publicly stated that his main purpose is to insure that Mr. Obama is a one time president. He did not say if it was the mandate he received from his constituents, his colleagues, or his hidden sponsors. He may continue to have an opulent life and bloc as many proposed laws favoring the middle class and the people as long as these very people do not come to claim the fruits of their supportive votes given free.

The Republican Party and the Tea Movement have made a tragic mocking of Democracy by depriving the people the opportunity to make freely their voting choice without fear and bitterness. The millions spent by interested concerns not necessarily for the future wellbeing of the poor voters could be used more profitably to provide work to a substantial number of those who are out of work or/and about to loose their homes.

Let’s hope that whatever this election’s results, members of the new House and the new Senate will accept to collaborate with President Obama in order to provide the United States People the quality of public service they deserve.

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