Two days after he fled to his native Haiti, A North Naples, Fla. man whose wife and five children were found murdered has been arrested. Mesac Damas, 33, was picked up in Clercine, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, Monday morning by Haitian police.

Damas had been sought for questioning by the Collier County Sheriff officials as a person of interest in the crime.
On Friday, relatives of Damas’ wife, Guerline, contacted the police saying they had not heard from her. Detectives went to the Damas’ home on Saturday where they found the bodies of Guerline, 32, and her five children identified as Michzach, 9; Marven, 6; Maven, 5; Megan, 3; and Morgan, 11 months. While the Sheriff’s Office did not confirm how they were killed, Guerline Damas’ brother, Forends Dieu, told the Naples Daily News their throats had been slit.

Calling the murder “the worst of the worst,” Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk described the murder, which stretched across multiple rooms, as “the most horrific and violent event this community has ever experienced.”

Damas’ car was recovered near the Miami International Airport from where he is believed to have boarded a flight to Haiti on Friday.

Mesac Damas had a history of conjugal abuse. In January, he was arrested after hitting his wife forcing her to drop their baby. In 2005, a judged granted Guerline a protective order, but several days later she requested it be lifted.

When asked if he thought his son was the killer, Mesac’s father, Jean Damas Sr., told the Naples Daily News “Yes, I do.”

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