In January 2010, This column will make its debut on this site and on the print version of the Haitian Times. I will touch on a wide range of topics from the arts, politics and business. Those of you who are long time readers of the Haitian Times will remember that I once penned a column entitled, “Publisher’s Corner”. I stopped it because it was becoming too predictable and there was little, if any, positive things to say about the state of Haiti.
While one may argue that remains true today, my aim this time is to look at it from different angles, hence the name of this column, “Warped Lens”
I chose that name because i was once accused of “Warped Images” by painter Andre Juste, who took offense for a piece I wrote when I was on the staff of The New York Times.
I will try to have fun in writing this column and am looking for passionate feedback as we try to inform, entertain and educate each other about the state of Haiti and what the future holds for us. Put on your bifocals, 3D glasses because this image is going to be, well, warped

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