From Mizik Mizik to Hangout, Clinton Benoit was tired of the stagnation of the Konpa scene, and has ended up in a Funk-Konpa circle. Funky Konpa has emerged as a new challenge to the artist’s musical career with a first album simply entitled “Funky Konpa”. the album features an arsenal of vocals, guitar, and bass the band carries a hefty spirit that can bring any audience to their feet. It moves further away from hardcore Konpa to embrace a heavy bass style as the moody, percussive, but the addictive syncopated are evident on the entire album.
“I am trying something new and different, because I realized that our music will not go too far if we continue to play they same way for fifty years”, Clinton said. Funky Konpa has gained major headway in a relatively short time, especially in New York where they have played in major night clubs. The band’s undeniable strength in both the studio and live setting has music authorities of all types awaiting their new fans.

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