Carlo “Cheveux” has always been a busy bunch playing an extensively and increasing number of gigs. The musician made a big surprise when he performed with Tempo at their grand premiere in New York while it is known that he is working on a recording project with 509. Showbiz has learned that the musician has moved to New York to do a part-time job with the new band but could easily become a full-time member appearing on any performances. Carlo’s involvement with Tempo appears at first as a side-project and has been kept to a minimum. According to a source close to the musician, when he was invited by Robinson “Boogie” Joseph to join the band, he was first reluctant to make the move but finally agreed to the conditions.
“We have finally found a new band-brother, none other than superstar, show-off man Carlo “Cheveux” to join our ranks, and we are all very excited, we welcome Carlo into the band, and we hope that our fans will approve of this choice too”, Boogie said. Showbiz has also learned that couple weeks after his arrival in the big apple, the musician has found a girl that went nuts about his hair style, and rented an apartment for him in Canarsie.

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